You cannot buy everything with MONEY

You cannot buy everything with MONEY

In today’s world, 95 % of the people from children to old people deal with the problem of stress in some form or the other.
People are never satisfied, they don’t understand the situations and always want more of everything. Children are stressed with studies at School and competitions. A child bringing in 95% marks is only considered brilliant, the rest of them are not. 
This is a vicious cycle- After studies is stress of Job & Career,  then Marriage & Relationships, then comes Health & Home.

Say you had plans over the weekend to relax as your weekdays are busy but for some reasons your plans could not happen. So generally in such a situation we end up thinking that we were better in the office only. What is the reason for such thinking? What makes a person come to this conclusion?

Actually neither the office is stress nor the home but Your MINDSET! Your mind is stressed, if you change the way you think then you shall be stress-free.

Similarly, can u recall the last time you had a fight with someone? Do you still remember the reason for that fight? If you see that person with whom you had a fight with, what do you think of him? Till how much time do you carry that anger? Let me tell you that when you have a fight with someone, the fight is over in a matter of minutes but the energy lasts, when you keep on thinking about it you are sending energy to the person and so does the other person with you had fight with.

This constant negative energy decreases your energy levels trapping your good energy.
Have you ever given it a thought on why I am not feeling good today? Why is my mood not good today?

Why? That is because of negative energy! so don’t fight with someone if you have a fight, forget it immediately and let go of things and seal your aura in divine light so that u don’t absorb negative emotions in the same way when u do a good work.

-Invite blessings in your life
-help someone by inviting blessings 
-forgive someone by inviting blessings, “a simple act of caring creates an endless ripple”

If your business is not running well still you will feel ” oh nothing has happened, God will take care “, that’s the energy of blessings.

  • You can buy house with money but not relationships”
  • You can marry but not buy love and affection”
  • You can buy a Treatment but not Good Health”
  • You can buy objects with money but not the real meaning of it”

This is an eye awakening fact one :-

From childhood, you learn that If you are upset and you throw a tantrum your parents will give in and grant your wishes.
This is wrong!
You cannot buy happiness  purchased by money
There are no toxic relationships and no stress in your life
It’s just the way how you think
If you can just change the way you think, you will be happy.
Instead of having a fight with someone, explain him or her the fault in a soft manner with respect and dignity.
Value your relationships
Think positive!
You have a bank account right? But do you have a blessings account?
Each day with earning money also earn blessings, earn blessings, Give blessings in the highest energy form.
At the end of the day when you come back home, you will not only bring money but also Blessings, blessing for you, for your family
And then your real bank account will be full.

Learn time management, live life fully, life is very short, do something that people will remember you by even after you go away that’s the real meaning of life.
You cannot buy death with money.
You cannot buy emotions with money.
Nor can you buy tears or smile with money.
So just don’t be a person who has the only motive to earn money
Earn love
Earn respect
Earn people’s hearts

Eliminate the word stress from your life, you are not stressed you are a student of life, learning each day, growing each day
Earning each day, giving each day
Why do you celebrate birthdays on your birth date only?
Each morning if you are waking up it’s your birthday only, every day is your Birthday so why not celebrate every day.
Don’t think that this reading is a good one but not practical one
Well, this is 1000 percent practical.
I live my life like this and so do many people who I know, stop this negative thinking and add your name to the many people.

Create a different
Create love
Yes, money is very important, you can’t live without money. This article does not ask you not to earn or has any miracle formula to get you money.
Earn money by buying commodities.
But earn life with positive change, with blessings, being stress-free
Having good relationships, Good Health, Good Memories, and the ultimate goal of Love and Happiness.