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Shiva Panchatatva

Shiva panchatatva means five elements earth , water , air , sky and fire. A body is made of five elements so the universe is, it is very important to balance these elements to have a healthy and happy life each five elements corresponds different aspect of human life , each tatva is related to different chakras too:
  1. Earth as body
  2. Water as Mind
  3. Fire as Intelligence
  4. Air as Awareness
  5. Sky as Consciousness
When any aspect is disturbed we face challenges in life thus these aspects is another way to heal and balance life in order to stay in a good well being :


Herbal Magic is a very ancient technique to heal issues be it health , wealth , career , life through herbs , herbs our gifts of mother nature which have natural healing powers and help people . These herbs are grown in different places in various parts of the world some are mixed with other herbs to create the effect and some used alone.

All depends what the issue is and how the solution is Some examples of herbs are Chamomile , Ashwagandha , Allspice etc
Some herbs are advised to eat it but it has medical advice required too


Oils have also been an ancient knowledge specific oils are made by combining some oils to each other including add ons of herbs, chants and energised, various oils are made for various uses depending upon issues.
It majorly covers all problems and is different combinations of oils are made as a solution
Oils such as road opener oil for opening up blockages.
Love oil , luck oil etc are large numbers used widely and have always worked when used
Candles are also dressed with oils and used. I have always worked with oils and provided them to my clients too.

Mojo Bags

Special mojo Bags are created to solve issues and bring change in life these bags are carried with the person.
These are hugely useful in when going out for exams or meetings, some important work.
Mojo Bags are infused with herbs, oils, symbols etc as needed.


Number magic works great numbers can heal anything and everything these are Channelled numbers which can be chanted and written on the body.


Chanting of various switchwords is again a method of manifestation.

Ascended Masters

Working with Ascended Masters bring a great change in life some of them are Merlin, Isis and a huge list in number these depend on guidance and one's connection.

Crystals & Grids

Crystals are gifts of nature used to help people to use them correctly according to their problems. Gemstones, crystals have been methods of healing from a very ancient past, crystals are available in raw form as well as polished. They can be worn or put on the altar depending on how one wants to use it.

Grids - Grids are created with crystals , symbols , wands and energy to remove what is needed and manifest.

Vision Board

Helping Clients to build a vision board a bird's eye view to success and motivation to reach the goals.

Angel Rituals

Angel Rituals are done on various issues like health, wealth, protection with the help of Angels.


Spells are done with candles, crystals, tarot, symbols, smoke to get rid of negativity and manifest desires.


Sigils are symbols drawn and used or can be printed to to manifest.
It works excellent in situations like promotion , windfall of clients etc.

Zibu Symbols

These are Angel Symbols used to manifest and solutions to problems.


I am an expert on the use of candles.
How to use them in the correct way.
To heal issues and invite blessings in life wish fulfilling rituals are also done through candle magic.

Saints Magic

Holy Saints can be connected according to the problem where novena or ritual or prayers can be done to let the saint work it's magic and fulfill the wish.
Some of the most known Saints are Saint Expedite, Saint Antony of Padua, Saint Jude. A large list they are invoked as the issue is the saint takes up the in-charge of the situation and whatever is for Highest Good happens.

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum is a divination tool used to know answers specially yes and no one's, correct time period and also used to balance chakras it's a very creative tool used properly by the grace of God.

Money Healing

Heal out your issues related to abundance through the energy of God, Goddesses, Archangels, Angels of money and letting you earn what you desire.

Energy Circles

Use of energy circles is widely used all over the globe now it's spreading widely and I also provide Ecs as a remedy too.

Karmic Grid and Traits

Forming your numerology chart through a special method and letting you know your traits, characteristics, life lessons you need to learn a unique and interesting way to decode your life journey.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a wish that 80 per cent of the population are reaching out for, excess weight is also an energy negative in nature and sometimes even after dieting and gym work people don't lose weight we at Healing With Universee we provide exclusive remedies and help our clients easily to loose weight, Weight Management is one of our exclusive services offered.

Tea Leaf Reading

Welcome to a cup of tea where we can get your guidance over a cup of tea and amaze you with the guidance received.

Ancestor Messages

You can also know the messages from your ancestors for yourself. A session not to be missed + has certain rules that need to be followed and connection is done only to divine souls and as permission received , well who does not want to connect with loved ones we all want God has Gifted the key and methods to us to connect with them and know how they are doing and what messages do they have for store in you.

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