Simple Tips

simple tips

Simple Tip 1

Take 9 cinnamon sticks and tie it with a white thread and hang it on the entrance (inside not outside).Replace it once in a year and this will bring you prosperity and protection.

Simple Tip 2

When you go for a meeting to meet any high officials where you don't want to get manipulated and wish for success -take two dried red chillies with you. On your way back home, cut the chilies into two halves and throw it on cross roads or in a dustbin.

Simple Tip 3

To Protect your children from bad dreams or in school or any other thing-take out the pictures of 3 runes fehu , perthu , narkna put it inside a bag or pillow.

If your child suffers from bad dreams -keep a garlic pod beside his bed to stop the bad dreams.

Simple Tip 4

Always Clean your house with salt water and flow camphor all over the house. Practice this ATLEAST twice a week.

Simple Tip 5

Every Friday,burn gold and green candles and anoint it with cinnamon oil and pray this will increase the money flow in the house.

Simple Tip 6

Lost something cannot find it
Be it anything Call upon Archangel Chamuel
Ask him to help you out to find the thing
Thank him and surrender he will find out the lost thing for you.

Simple Tip 7

Write your wish on a bay leaf to Manifest your wishes. For example if it is for health- write on it "I am the healthiest version of myself "and then burn & blow away the ashes in the Universe. Do this every new moon and every full moon.

Simple Tip 8

Need Good luck
Take Chamomile soak it in water overnight next-day before your important work wash your hands with the water don't wipe your hands let it dry , move on Luck will be yours.

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