Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Let’s take a step towards mother nature, towards our Goddess, our mother earth
How can we help her? How can we love her? How can we care of her? How can we heal her? 
Let me guide you to this simple process following which will lead to you a life full of abundance.

We all know that OUR Mother Nature is in pain due to fires in forest, heavy rains, climate change, depletion of ozone layer, deforestation, waste And human disasters made etc.
To give a more realistic example struggling in the current scenario is Corona Virus – Covid 19 – have u ever wondered why this pandemic took place? 
It’s all because of all human acts and its reply back to Mother Earth.
So what can we do as children of mother earth to heal her? To take care of our mother?

Healers can give Healing to mother earth but those who don’t know healing even they can create a difference by just simple care like planting trees, waste management, non-cluttering the environment, stop use of plastics, stop wasting water and much more.

Even giving food to poor, helping needy is also a way of helping mother earth. 
Numerous temples on Earth, Church, Mosque, and religious places increase the vibration of our mother earth and helps in healing.
In the same way true joy and happiness helps in healing.
So let’s take a pledge today to heal our mother earth, to bless it, to take care of it.
The MIRACLE is when you heal the mother earth, start healing, and blessing it and you shall receive the divine energy back from mother earth.

Send her 10 times more from what you have.I have shared methods below how to do one more technique that you can use or apply:

Invoke divine light from Universe
Let the divine light flow in your head 
Coming to your face, down to shoulders, then hands, then palms and coming out of palms then flowing from your palms to mother earth. Imagine the white light going inside the mother earth deep in the soil and very deep below, Then imagine Q heart shaped crystal and send the energy inside her that is
Blessings her, healing her
Say out affirmations 
Mother Earth is healed 
She is blessed abundantly
And you can add more like this 

There is even grounding practices that you can add to the process
-Do meditations
-Do anything but do something for our Mother Earth.