Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

You have chosen option number 3
The Guidance for you is

Ascended Masters: “Powerful, loving and wise spiritual teachers are watching over and guiding you.”

You have firm faith in God, and also a great connection with the Lord.
He is assuring you that he is with you. Don’t Worry. Just keep patience, everything will happen when it is supposed to happen and will only happen if it is for your highest good.

If you question your faith how will things work?
Faith and patience are all needed and are the message for you.

Connect With Your Master, God, Goddess, Archangels
Whomever you have faith in
All are one only they are just in different forms.
Send light and love and from your heart to there heart and receive it back
Speak to them just as you do to your loved ones
And you will see everything is falling in your hands.

That’s a Wonderful message for you which is full of blessings.

With Love