What You eat and Drink

Are you eating the right food and drinking the holy water?

“Jaisa Ann vaisa mann jaisa pani vaisi vani “

This means “what you eat Is what you become , what you drink is how your nature will be”

Let’s have a deep look inside this:

Everything is energy even the food we make. Energy can be defined in two ways-

Positive  Energy and Negative Energy.
The farmer that grows the grains and vegetables his thoughts and energy reflect in the food he produces, then the wholesalers, vendors selling it adds energy to it, i.e energy of selling, the consumer that buys it, his energy is affecting it too.

The motive is to make you understand that you must have food by adding blessings to it. The one who prepares the food should be at a positive mind while preparing it, If he is making the food in an angry state, the food will absorb the energies and so will the people who eats it.

Now you may ask how is this possible? 

Let me give u an example

Even when you are in good health sometimes you don’t feel good after eating and you blame the quality of food. Therefore, we end up drinking too much water or taking a medication without knowing the real cause of it. According to the reports, 90% of people go through stomach issues, gastric issues, digestive issues, iIBS, etc.

So it’s time to eat BLESSED, GOOD, CLEAN, and ENERGISED.

Next time during your meal, pray to God to cleanse your food and bless it and energise it.

This simple exercise  will invite god’s blessings. You can also chant “Om” over the food to. clean & bless it.

Let me share a client experience with you.  A lady had come to me and she shared a incident with me.

One day at her office after having lunch she was not feeling good. The staff who would bring her lunch had forgotten to give her a glass of water with food. This made the lady very angry as she could not find water to drink after eating her food. She called the staff and shouted at him.

Later in the evening, she realised that the staff had done nothing wrong, it was just a glass of water and she had overreacted.
She was feeling guilty and sorry about her behavior. She bought this guilty energy to me the next day when her reading was scheduled
As she was narrating this story to be a thought clicked my mind -Was it JUST food? I asked her to cook her food at home to which she replied her chef.

I asked her if she could remember the mood of the cook that day. She had no clue. I asked her to call him and find out if everything is alright with him.
She felt weird but still made the call to the cook.

After a short conversation, we came to know the cook had a fight with his wife yesterday and things are not good at home. 

So you see the cook had a fight with his wife, the fight was over but his thoughts continued with him the entire day and is still with him now and this is negative energy. Thus the cook made the lunch with NEGATIVE thoughts, thoughts as energy which were absorbed in the food and when she consumed it, she too became angry. That is why it is said, “You are what you eat “.

As we all are humans
Wrong was the Energy
Thus that’s need to be corrected
To live a happy and healthy life
That is why make it a habit to clean and bless your food.
Try to follow a vegan diet, avoid non-veg fully. Animals are not happily cut nor made by God for your tongue, they go through a lot of pain and suffering to serve you.

It’s not good to eat animals, it’s punishable too. Just remember God has made TONGUE to have control over it, don’t let it grow over you. 

Water is equally important.

60 % of the Human Body is made of Water. Earth is greater in water than land.
Water absorbs double energy than food.
Water first goes through the various processes right from land to tank then pipes then filter and then finally to you or packed drinking water available in the market.

Water absorbs all the energies even if you are reading this article and have a glass of water beside you, this will make the water absorb energy. The same way when you are talking to someone the whole talking session energy is absorbed by the water, just imagine how toxic glass of water can be.

This is scientifically proven.

So what to do ? Before drinking the water just clean and energise it -chant a mantra or “OM”

Or “Gayatri mantra” or “hare Krishna” or “Om Mani Padme Hum” or you can say an affirmation –
This water is clean, energsied, and blessed by God, Goddess, Archangels, Angels. Or you can draw symbols. Do anything! but do not drink the water just like that, it’s a very simple but effective way to be at a good state of health.

So let food and water be positive and serve you good
I remember in my School we would first do our prayers before eating food and then we would eat it. have this Habit from childhood deep in build inside me.

Just don’t keep blaming things.
Self-blame has no glory.
And success has no huge steps.
Simple steps will lead you to a great level of success.
The biggest happiness is good health first take care of health.
If health is good you can proceed with other sectors of life
Eat the right food and the right water.