ANGELS - our God's Pure Creation of Love and Light. The Word Angel brings a smile to our face when we read or here the word. Angels our Messengers of God working very close to Mankind. People are often at a very low level of energy due to their issues and often their prayers get attached to negative energy which they don't understand. With the help of Angels Prayers you can easily reach the divine , increase in faith and bring answers to your prayer.Prayers always reach God but with help of Angels. Similarly,answers to the prayers reach People.God has assigned each individual special Angel known as Guardian Angels. We all have Guardian Angels who are with us from our birth till death and even afterlife who help us in all sectors of our life and we can call on different angels for help as and when needed. However they do not interfere unless asked for, that is why Lord Jesus said "Ask and You Shall Receive".

About The Angels & Archangels

Beyond the Angels are the beings known as Archangels; they are more powerful and work very closely with God. these Archangels have also been mentioned in Holy Books such as Bible , Kuran , Kabbalah etc.
There are mainly 4 Archangels & Major 15 Archangels and more working with them through which we can easily reach God , manifest our wishes , heal our life , get rid of illness , and reach each and every goal in our life.Life is full of miracles when one connects with these divine Archangels and Angels.
Let me give you an Example:
When Virgin Mother Mary Got Pregnant Archangels Gabriel one of the major Archangels had informed her about the Gods Child in her womb and about his birth.
Similarly Archangel Gabriel also known as Jabriel had said the whole Kuran to Prophet Mahumaad.
One can easily get rid of black magic , Psychic attacks , curses , any form of Negativity through the help of Archangel Michael.
In the same way there are many Many Archangels And Angels each working on there special fields helping humans on Earth -they are just a call away.
Due to the law of God, unless you call upon Them they don't help.
Unless it is a case of life and death -in the similar manner any phase of life be it birth , education , marriage , career , health anything Archangels and Angels are there to help in achieving them all.
In my journey with Angels,my life has become very smooth and full with divine light. I have helped many people through the help of Angels to come out of their problems and reach out goals living happily and lovingly.
I channel the divine messages of angels to individuals and guide them on the road of pure light .
Miracle stories of Angels our uncountable in number. Even if you can connect with them,all you need is a Mentor to help you.
Being an Certified Angel Practitioner I have not only helped humans but animals and nature too. Yes ,you read it right. We heal Mother Earth with Angels and also bless and heal animals.
Not only does it bring Miracles come true with Angels but also Attune others to Angels so that even they can become Earth Angels and bring change to life in Earth of themselves and others
There are Angel Oracle Cards through which messages can be received by Angels to us It's a technique of divination knowing the cause , solution and future.
Life With Angels Is A Life Of Miracles.

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